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AMF (butteroil) / concentrated butters
(min. 99.8% fat)

standard types

melting point 30-32°C, for numerous standard applications within the food industry (ice-cream, chocolate, industrial bakery applications, etc. …)

Fractionated types

Thanks to fractionation we can offer every melting point between 5 and 45°C !

e.g. 5-10°C : mostly appreciated because of its pronounced fine butter flavour in combination with its liquid properties at low temperatures
Typical applications : production of easy-spreadable butters, ready-meals, butter sauces, mashed potatoes or potato croquettes, ..

e.g. 36-38°C or 40-41°C : thanks to its specific melting curve and excellent plasticity and texture, these types are ideally suited for laminated doughs (croissants, chocolate rolls, viennoiseries, millefeuille, …)

see also
> butter,
whey butters
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> powders :
full-cream milk,
whey powder,


Deodorized butteroil

Neutral in colour (=white !) ánd taste/odour
Typical applications : white cheeses, recombination,

Organic AMF / Butteroil

kosher AMF / Butteroil

butter sauce
Please contact us for further information on our butteroil products
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